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Receivables Purchasing


Save your time and money

Receivables purchasing takes the stress out of your business: we get your money right away and we assume default risk. Selling matured receivables is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for organisations looking for rapid cashflow improvements and liquidity boosts or seeking to address the very many administrative and operational issues common with receivables portfolios.

Your company no longer has to worry about collecting late receivables and securing the vast resources needed to service them. We are here to professionally and comprehensively manage your receivables, focusing on addressing reputational risks and ensuring efficient collection proceeds. By purchasing your receivables we help your firm free up resources for growth, provide an injection of liquidity, and ensure you can reduce your negative balances.

After the final purchase price is agreed, we will sign a contract with your company to transfer your receivables and all relevant documents to ODM Collections. You will thereafter bear no additional risk nor be liable for any collection costs. Your firm will quickly receive payment and can continue operating without the drag of the outstanding receivables on your business.

Advantages of receivables purchasing

Any receivables portfolio considered for purchase is always analysed in detail: its overall structure is reviewed, the types of receivables are examined, debtor information is verified, and collectability is assessed based on previous incoming payments. We seek to offer the best price for each portfolio based on the findings of this analysis.

  • Cash made available immediately, shoring up liquidity
  • Saves time and resources
  • Internal collection and staff costs are optimised
  • Operating efficiency is increased
  • Debtors can restructure repayment modalities and deadlines
  • Beneficial tax treatment

For a better world without debts!

Receivables redemption has been a standard in developed countries for many years. It not only brings quick liquidity but also relaxes employees, paperwork and internal procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Debt purchasing is the process in which one company (the purchaser) buys debts from another company (the creditor) at a reduced amount compared to the nominal value of the debt.
  • The purchase price depends on several factors, including the age and quality of the debt, the debtor’s creditworthiness, and the current market condition.

Advantages include:

  • The quick release of liquid assets,
  • Reduction in collection costs,
  • The reduction of risk is associated with the uncertainty of collection.
  • The process typically involves the evaluation of the debt, agreement on the price, signing of the purchase contract, and payment of the agreed amount to the seller.
  • ODMC deals with various types of debts, including commercial and consumer debts.

ODMC has specific criteria for purchasing, but details depend on individual analysis.

Regional leaders

ODMC operates in 6 jurisdictions in the Western Balkans - Serbia.

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